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This project was inspired by the similarities in the culture around craft beer and hip hop. We noticed that a big thing with craft beer is reppin’ where you’re from. Craft breweries have “beer drops”, where the experience is very similar to that of a sneaker drop of a new pair of Yeezys - lines form in the early hours, and purchases are limited to one or two cases per person. In Atlanta, that same amount of pride and exclusivity exists when it comes to the culture around hip hop & rap, from both the artists and the fans. And ultimately, these hip hop fans and sneakerheads are all about curated content and quality, as Wild Heaven is about our hops that go into each of our brews. Since there’s so much overlap, why not design craft beer with a hip hop angle, curated for hip hop fans?

The concept? Each of our brews will take inspiration from ATL rappers - OutKast, Future & Young Thug, Ludacris & Jermaine Dupri; and the design will borrow from the visual styles of ATL hip hop fans. The result: HipHops.

Wild Heaven Beer
Illustration, Packaging, Identity

Design and illustration of special edition beers and secondary packaging for an Atlanta brewing company.  

Client: Wild Heaven Beer

Copywriter: Shelby Guerrero

Player’s Porter
Imperial Porter with Coffee
Jermaine Dupri & Ludacris

“Welcome to Atlanta”

All Da Hops
Hazy Double IPA
Future & Young Thug

“All Da Smoke”

Planet Peach
Peaches & Cream Pale Ale