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type design, custom typography

Stencil Typeface, Semibold
(More weights on the way)

Since graduating from college, I’ve sketched on subway commutes in New York, Chicago, and Paris. Paris was the city in which I began to pursue my career as a designer, and the Metro was the underground city which guided me, from day to day (“au jour le jour”). Aujour is my contemporary iteration of the lettres à jour(1) of the Metro.

1 The French term “lettres à jour” (letters through which you see the daylight) describes not only the form of a stencil, but also its most basic function of communication with no-nonsense clarity.

Glyph Set - Uppercase

Glyph Set - lowercase



Tiled - experimental typeface

This typeface was based on the tiles I found in New York City - subway tiles, tiles of hotel lobby floors, old bakeries, etc.