Natalie A. Carstens

multidisciplinary designer & creative

Illustration, Branding, Identity

Smooch is a daytime café in Fort Greene, that occupies the space from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 264 Carlton Avenue, the same location of Bisou Bisou - French for 'kiss kiss' - a high-concept wine bar with French-American fusion food and a DJ spinning tunes.

By day, as Smooch, this tiny triangle of a cafe turns out effortlessly yet expertly made espressos as well as cakes, salads and sandwiches. Five nights a week it then comes alive in the evening, officially opening its doors at 6pm to dim lighting, & cozy seating. 


Two completely separate eateries occupying the same space is a different concept for Brooklyn. To match Smooch's somewhat quirky personality, the layout is driven by it's signature illustration, breaking of the boundaries, and elements that take step out of the conventional. Simple but never boring, the focus is on showing the best of what this hidden gem has to offer before it transitions into its slightly bougier counterpart.

Illustration and design for Bisou Bisou’s daytime café in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Client: Smooch Café, Bisou Bisou




Detail: iconography set, coffee punch cards


Breakfast and Daytime Menu