Natalie A. Carstens

multidisciplinary designer & creative


At Spotify, your music choice and listening says a lot about you, what inspires you, and what you care about. This campaign uses Spotify’s curated platform as an inventive way to facilitate voting - not only to inform the younger generation about what’s up with the election, how to register, & more; but also to empower young people to participate in democracy - so that everyone can vote confidently on November 3. 

Your music taste has a lot to do with curating the world around you, just as much as your voice does in civic participation.

Incorporating energetic motion, a bold color palette, and Spotify’s unmistakeable tone of voice, the campaign will be executed across outdoor, digital, and social media channels.

Wild Heaven Beer
Illustration, Packaging, Identity

Design and illustration of special edition beers and secondary packaging for an Atlanta brewing company.  

Client: Wild Heaven Beer

Copywriter: Shelby Guerrero


This project was inspired by the similarities in the culture around craft beer and hip hop. We noticed that a big thing with craft beer is reppin’ where you’re from. Craft breweries have “beer drops” for their new brews, just like sneaker drops for the newest pair of Yeezys - lines form in the early hours, and purchases are limited to one or two cases per person.

In Atlanta, the same exclusivity exists when it comes to the culture around hip hop & rap, from both the artists and the fans. And ultimately, the fans are all about curated content and quality, as Wild Heaven is about the hops that go into each of their brews. Since there’s so much overlap, why not design craft beer with a hip hop angle, curated for hip hop fans?


Each of the beers will take inspiration from ATL rappers - OutKast, Future & Young Thug, Ludacris & Jermaine Dupri; and the design will borrow from the visual styles of ATL hip hop fans.

The result: HipHops.

Player’s Porter
Imperial Porter with Coffee
Jermaine Dupri & Ludacris

“Welcome to Atlanta”

This complex porter has notes of pecan, caramel, and coffee that brings southern flair to wherever the player’s play. Based in flaked oat and brewed with lactose, the Player’s Porter is as rich and robust as the biggest player’s in ATL, and pays proud homage to the 404.

Planet Peach
Peaches & Cream Pale Ale


A Pale Ale crafted especialy for ATLiens, inspired by OutKast. Did we really have a choice to brew it with anything other than the city’s finest hand-picked peaches? Mildly-hopped, this beer takes after the people it’s brewed for: never bitter, slightly sweet.

All Da Hops
Hazy Double IPA
Future & Young Thug

“All Da Smoke”

Paying tribute to Future and Young Thug, it’s only right this beer packs double the punch. This aromatic Double IPA hits hard with a blend of Cascade and Simcoe hops that bring notes of pine and citrus upfront. A hint of honey on the finish balances the dank to make the hops highly drinkable.


Labels & packaging!



Brand identity for the eastside neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA. Echo Park is an area long serving as a hub for musicians, artists, writers, restaurateurs and more - and home to many LA staples.

The identity merges together modernist architecture, 70s graphic design, and skate culture - capturing the underground town that thrives within the massive influence of LA.

Illustrated icons for neighborhood landmarks: Dodger Stadium, Guisado’s, Peter Shire’s original studio, the Thriller House, Subliminal Projects, Echo Park Lake and the BoatHouse, plus an outlined map of the neighborhood (which stuck out like a (not so sore) thumb 👍 ) 



Rebrand for Kids2, a baby toys & gear company in Atlanta. 

Taking notes from the modular way that kids learn and grow, the logo is constructed from simple shapes and basic geometry, and allows for dynamic variations.

Deriving from Piaget’s developmental stages, and the phases that tots go through as they grow up, the packaging system adopts a Montessori style system.
These color combinations and associated playing styles and stages translate to the products and packaging designed for the associated activities and age groups.

A peek into some personal projects & freelance design work.

I made a fold up zine for Intelligentsia, with a step-by-step brew guide & and detailed infographics.

Menu infographic to showcase the various single origin and direct trade beans.

Bodega love <3

BLM zine for @betterlybox, a project for Black Lives Matter, BlackGirlsCode, and The Okra Project.

Retro MAC OS Classic icons for a new age Chicago ad agency. Featured on their Instagram page

Logo for a female owned cycling studio.

Newsprint guide that I put together for friends visiting Paris, so that they can explore like a local, rather than a tourist.